Top 5 Conceal and Carry Guns for Beginners

In looking at all the information that is on the web I thought it important to share some suggestions of handguns that I thought would be most helpful for other Gun Rookies. Of course, being a Gun Rookie myself, I went to seek the held and sound advice of Gun Expert Dan Davies. I often call him Gun G**gle (you know, that huge search engine that rhymes with bugle) but I'm pretty certain he has more information than they do and he certainly has more experience with firearms than you can find online lol! With his help and sage advice, we came up with this list and article just for you! Enjoy!

Botox: Before the Appointment and After the Needle

When Botox was first introduced to the world it was presented as a medication to treat seizures, migraines, profuse sweating and even crossed or lazy eyes. Luckily it was found to have a profound effect on the facial muscles it came in contact with and doctors began using in the fight against aging. Now Botox is produced specifically for cosmetic purposes and is marketed under the name Botox Cosmetic.

Basic Cleaning of Your New Semi-Automatic Firearm

I always tell people when they talk about purchasing a firearm that they need to remember that it’s a bit like taking care of a child or pet or even a vehicle. It may not be as 24/7 as that but the fact it is, in order to have a relationship with anyone or anything there has to be a give and a take. It sounds completely corny but is so true. Part of creating a relationship with someone or something is caring for it.