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How to Rock Dark Lipstick

Every girl has a dark side and here are a few tips to help you flaunt yours!


Darker shades of lipstick will tend to show any imperfections so make sure your lips are in tip-top condition. Use a lip scrub to lift away any flakes and apply a balm right after to moisten lips and help prevent flaking after you’ve applied your color. Using a lip primer when your lips aren't at their best will also help to avoid highlighting a not-so-perfect lip texture.

Find Your Color

Knowing your "season" is the first step in finding the right dark lip color. The rules for lipstick colors have been pretty loose over the past few seasons when it comes to choosing what shade is right for what skin tone. When choosing a dark bold color though, it's still important to do some color analysis before just throwing on any 'ol shade. If you're going to brave a darker color, make sure it compliments your skin.

Line Those Lips

Use a lip liner that matches your darker shade or use a nude liner, but whatever you do, use a liner! Liners create beautiful definition to your lips and can even reshape or thicken lips. Liners are also paramount when using a darker shade as they provide a barrier and prevent lipstick from "bleeding" into the skin surrounding the lips. Lip liner provides a flawless look that strengthens the statement made by dark lipstick.


When wearing a dark color it's important that it stays put. Use a lip primer or even a bit of your foundation or concealer before applying your color. Another way to make sure that there's color left even if your lipstick slips away, trying using your lip liner to fill your lips instead of just lining them!


For even more precise application of any lipstick use a lip brush. Lip brushes are small and made just for the lip area to truly impart a look of professional application. Lip brushes also help give you more control of the color you choose and using one to apply your color allows a more even and saturated layer of color than smudging it on straight from the tube


If you're rocking dark lips, you're making a statement. Don't distract from that statement by overdoing the rest of your makeup. Just adding a subtle blush and a great mascara will go a long a way when you're sporting dark lips. If you want something just a bit more dramatic than that, add a neutral color to your eyelids and a soften line of eyeliner to just the outer corners of your eyes. Be careful not to wear too much eyeliner or too thick a coat of mascara if you want to avoid the goth look.

Creating the perfect pout with a dark lip color can be daunting at first, but anyone can do it. Just having the right color, tools, tips and tricks can create the perfect opportunity to show off your dark side!