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Things Your Waxer Wishes You Would Stop Doing

Find out what you didn't know that you didn't know! Here are 10 things your waxer wishes you would stop doing!

Stop Apologizing

Most technicians have seen it all, especially if they provide Brazilian waxes. Don't apologize. We all have insecurities, but if you can't feel comfortable with the person you've chosen to remove your body hair, who CAN you be comfortable with? Waxers aren't judging you and they don’t want you judging you either.

Quit "Touching Up"

When a waxer has shaped your brows to perfection try your best not to tweeze before your next wax. If you notice a few hairs that are bothering you that means it's time for your next wax!

Shaving between waxing can be a setback as well. If you've had a Brazilian, shaving in between waxes will throw off the growth cycle that your waxer and you have gotten used to!

Stop Picking!

Picking at ingrown hairs can cause unsightly areas of hyperpigmentation or dark spots that can be permanent. Not to mention it can also cause infection! If your waxer is an esthetician he/she can fix those unsightly bumps without the consequences mentioned above. If your waxer isn't an esthetician then by all means set an appointment with an esthetician to take care of the ingrown hairs. The esthetician will view the area and decide on the best course of action to rid you of those bothersome bumps. By performing virtually painless extractions (literally extracting the hair from under the skin) or treating the area with a chemical or enzymatic exfoliating topical, he/she will know what's best for you.

Hold the Hopping

When you find a great waxer, stick with them. Pun intended! It is very disheartening to have a waxing client come in to have their brows "fixed" because they had someone else wax them in between appointments with her or him. And it's very hard to keep up with the hair growth cycle on your legs if you're hopping around from waxer to waxer.

Book Smarter

Booking that relaxing facial for the time slot right before or right after a brow wax creates a real conundrum for an experienced waxer. They know your facialist will be using an exfoliant to smooth the skin that may affect the area being waxed. Waxing exfoliates away a few layers of dead skin cells as it removes that bothersome hair. Too much exfoliation can cause inflammation that will take much longer to heal.

Hygiene Hyjinx

It's important to respect yourself and your waxer by making sure you're fully prepared to have your most intimate areas waxed. Your waxer will be just as embarrassed as you are if you're not properly prepared to present this area for hair removal.

Don't Lose Your Lashes

Your brows are the frame to the windows of your soul. Your waxer will work hard to shape them and groom them but you have to keep your eye closed. The more you look around during a wax the more likely you will lose a few lashes by getting them stuck in the already applied wax. Worse yet, you could lose more skin than originally planned. This is very painful and takes a very long time to heal.

Quit Ignoring Good Advice

Wax technicians should have a small list of instructions they will give you after you have an area waxed. When followed, you will see the best results possible from your wax service and also avoid infection, skin damage and possibly ingrown hairs.

Don't Hold Back

Your waxer needs to know all kinds of things about you. They may ask about your medication history, tanning habits, your plans for after the appointment and even your monthly cycle dates. All of this helps them help you to receive a service that is as comfortable as possible and non-damaging to your skin.

Don’t Skip the Tip

Esthetician's and other professional waxers are part of the service industry. Their income depends on tips but more than that, you're tip is an instant review of their work. They will know if you like them, their work and their business by the way you tip them.