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The Wet Shave: A Gentleman's Guide to Shaving Like a Badass

So what's the difference between shaving with a double-edge (DE) razor or the disposable cartridge razors on the market today? Quite simply: Everything! Design, efficiency, cost, and more! The DE razor's ergonomics provide a smooth sexy shave with only one blade and little to no effort at all. The number of blades on a cartridge blade doesn't matter. One good blade equals one great shave from the DE razor. The safety razor also offers economic and environmental intelligence when it comes to replacement blades. One blade in a DE razor will last 3-5 longer than a disposable cartridge blade! Using a cartridge razor may seem quicker and easier, but maybe that's just because you haven't tried shaving with a DE yet! Learn the basics of shaving with the safety razor, and chances are pretty high that you won't ever go back to a cartridge razor ever again.

This is Vince! He's a Respiratory Therapist working at a hospital in Tacoma, WA, and an avid motorcyclist as well. He works whenever they call, and that makes for a lot of hours! Shaving isn't a sport that he has a lot of time to play but after I introduced him to the DE Safety Razor, well, let's say I didn’t leave with a razor because he bought it from me right there. On the spot! No going back, and yeah, he said he definitely feels more masculine using this type of razor, and as you'll see, he was already quite the man's man. Now it's time for you to join the elite club of men who have rediscovered the DE razor and the wet shave ritual.

Prepare to Be Bare

Which way and what direction does your hair grow? To properly detect the direction that your hair grows on different parts of your face, you will need a few days of growth. Take note of where the directions change, and remember this when it's time to shave. Shaving in the same direction of hair growth will be the best choice for the first 2-3 passes with the razor.

Preparing your skin for the shave is very important. Combine the normal two-step process of cleansing and exfoliating into one by mixing the two products. Containing small granules that remove dead skin cells, lift facial hairs and sometimes even soften the hairs, exfoliators lead to a much smoother and comfortable shave!

Steamy Experience

Steam is the key to the wet shave! Did you know that steam softens the hair enough to only require 2/3 the effort of shaving with disposable razors? Shave right after you get out of the shower, or apply a hot steamy towel to your face for about 30 seconds.

Foam it Up

Wet shaving is most traditionally done with shaving soap or cream that is applied with a brush. This brush is usually made of badger hair and evenly disperses the cream onto the face while also lifting the facial hair. First, soak your brush in steaming water to soften the bristles. Shake out the water, and then use the brush to lather your shave soap or cream. Apply to your face in circular motions and let the cream for approximately 30 seconds to continue softening the hair and preparing the skin. No brush? Go ahead and use your hands to apply the cream! It's part of the badass shaving experience.

Let Your Razor Do the Walking

It's important to let the razor handle produce the pressure of the shave, so less effort means less friction. This will provide a more comfortable shave and be a lot less irritating. Later, for a closer shave, you might try your hand at shaving against the hair growth after the first couple of passes.

The ideal angle to hold the blade to your skin when shaving is about 30 degrees. This will give the closest shave. Using short strokes and holding the razor firmly will allow you to utilize the razor's weight to glide across your skin—no pulling and tugging. Allow the razor to do the shaving.

Starting at the sides of the face, shave in the direction of your hair growth.