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Top 5 Conceal and Carry Guns for Beginners

In looking at all the information that is on the web I thought it important to share some suggestions of handguns that I thought would be most helpful for other Gun Rookies. Of course, being a Gun Rookie myself, I went to seek the held and sound advice of Gun Expert Dan Davies. I often call him Gun G**gle (you know, that huge search engine that rhymes with bugle) but I'm pretty certain he has more information than they do and he certainly has more experience with firearms than you can find online lol! With his help and sage advice, we came up with this list and article just for you! Enjoy!

  1. Charter Arms Undercover .38 Special Revolver

Charter Arms makes an excellent little revolver for the Gun Rookie that is easy to carry and easy to conceal. The Undercover .38 Special is lightweight and super easy to operate. Simply point and pull. It has a 2-inch barrel and a 5 shot cylinder. Superior safety features make it ideal for concealed carry, and it holsters beautifully. The stopping power of this little gun is reliable and proven, making it great for personal protection. With a great balance of all of these elements, the Charter Arms Undercover .38 Special revolver provides superior ease of use and incomparable peace of mind. I'm not one much for small guns, but this one will soon be in my personal collection of conceal and carry firearms.

  1. Glock 19

The #1 selling handgun in the USA is also one of the best guns for Gun Rookies! With almost no exception, this gun fits the hand of most everyone who grabs it. It is easy to learn how to shoot, and at 9mm it has fantastic stopping power. This gun is compact in comparison to the standard size Glock. This makes it more versatile and easier to carry and conceal than the standard pistol. The balance of this gun is amazing, and that makes it easier for handling both on the range and in defensive situations. I don't really need to say a lot about this gun, as speaks for itself once you have it in your hand!

  1. Ruger SR9c

The Ruger SR9c is easily the most versatile and buildable firearm that a Gun Rookie can consider! Beside its reliability and ease of firing, this gun can transform to meet the needs of the owner with ease and simplicity. In short, barring the caliber, if you were to choose to purchase the Ruger SR9c you're actually purchasing TWO GUNS for the price of ONE! This gun comes with not one, but two magazines and these magazines add to the length of the grip. Why does that matter? When holding a gun, a certain amount of comfort and steadiness is found in how much purchase of the gun is in the palm of the hand. The length of the grip also adds to the concealability of the firearm, not to mention, the number of rounds that can be carried at one time in the pistol. Just an all-around great gun for the Gun Rookie!

  1. Smith & Wesson SD9VE

When it comes to VALUE, nothing can beat the Smith and Wesson SD9VE! This is one of my personal faves. This is a high capacity 9mm firearm which makes it fantastic for personal protection. And it's fun at the range, too. The SDT or Self Defense Trigger results in consistent trigger pulls from the first round to the last. It is lightweight and has an ergonomic grip that smoothly directs with hand and finger placement. I love the balance on this gun and quite honestly, even the LOOK of it! It is easy to place in and to remove from the holster and with an average price of $350 it just hits all the marks and gets an A+ from me! And just a bit of trivia for you: This gun has paid out more than once to Glock over lawsuits claiming it is too close to the Glock design. Reason I'm telling you this? Remember how I said that the Glock 19 is the USA's #1 selling handgun? Think about it!

  1. Taurus Judge

So, this gun is a bit of an anomaly among these recommendations but I just didn't feel the list would be complete without it. The Taurus Judge (named for the number of Judges who carry it into the courtroom for protection) is absolutely UNBEATABLE in the world of self-defense firearms that are easily carried and slide in at a reasonable price point for a Gun Rookie. This gun is literally THE best way to protect your home, your car and yourself. It fires .410 3 inch shot shells. YES, a shotgun shell for a handgun! There is no way you're missing an intruder, even in the dark. No real aim is needed. Just point and pull and stop the bad guy. Referred to as "The Blind Man's Target Shooter", the Taurus Judge is the right choice for those who don't plan to go to the range and practice and for those who find themselves in areas of high crime such as home invasions or car jackings. If there is a bad guy in close proximity threatening you or your family or your property, YOU CAN NOT MISS! One word of advice though...don't even think about taking or trying to buy THIS gun in California. Sorry everyone.

One last note, this gun is rifled for and fires .45 Colt cartridges as well, for those who do like a more finely tuned shot.

This was not an easy list to make by any means. There are so many guns that could have made this list and there are so many things to consider when choosing your first gun. But through personal experience AND the help of Gun Expert Dan Davies, we came up with what we thought would be the most beneficial list for anyone looking to own their first gun for easy concealed carry and self-protection. I know that there will probably be so many more suggestions that you will hear and I think that's fantastic because that means you're asking and inquiring. Never stop doing that until you make your decision. My final suggestion is this though: Don't let anyone decide FOR you. Take your time. Listen and ask questions. I can only HOPE that this list of suggestions helped you a little bit!

If you have a suggestion or question about what you think might be a great handgun for a Gun Rookie please leave a comment below! If you have a question for Dan, post it here and I will get his answer for you right away!