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Full Body Waxing

What IS a Full Body Wax?

Most estheticians have a different idea of just what a full body wax includes. Of course, in most cases, their ideas will include the consideration of whether the wax service is to be performed on a male or a female. Make sure to ask specifically what areas will be included before booking your appointment.

The most commonly included areas are:


Full leg- Ankle to the upper thigh 

Brazilian or Bikini


Full arm- Write to Shoulder



Bikini or Brazilian





Keep in mind that these are loose interpretations of what your local esthetician might consider. Of course, some men may prefer to have their legs waxed but not their chest, or ladies may not want their underarm waxed at all. Talk to your technician about substituting or discounts for adding on areas.

Is a Full Body Wax really what you want?

There are several factors to consider when deciding whether or not to go see your esthetician and ask for the whole waxing kit and caboodle! Here are some things to consider before jumping headfirst into the wax pot:

Have you previously had each of the areas waxed?

If this is your first time getting a Brazilian your esthetician may get to this area and that’s when you decide to throw the towel in on the whole thing!

So you’ve had all of these areas done before but not all at once. What’s your pain tolerance?

You’re going to be under the spatula and wax for quite some time during this service. The average time you should allow in your schedule for this process is about 2 hours. Are you ready to tough it out through all of those different body parts?

Also, think about your activities and daily regimens. Here are some things will have to be avoided.

Tanning 24-48 hours before or after the appointment

Chemical or mechanical cosmetic skincare (laser, chemical peels. Microdermabrasion, etc.)

Skin thinning medications

Both of these activities can cause a very adverse reaction during or after waxing. Talk to your esthetician about how long you should wait before or after getting cosmetic skincare services.


Menses (female only of course)

Obviously, shaving before getting waxed is not a good idea. There will be nothing for that wax to grab!

Ladies, waxing can be quite a bit more painful when performed just before or just after your period. Book your appointment for a week after your cycle.

What to expect

Some of the areas of the body are just more prone to redness, itchiness, and breakout due to waxing no matter what. The bikini and Brazilian are the biggest culprit of a breakout. The best way to avoid this is to exfoliate this area very well each time you shower. If you experience itching in any of the other areas do not scratch! Instead, carry aloe or a product heavy with aloe to apply to these areas.

How much is it?

A good average to look for when booking this service is $175-$250. If there isn’t a discount that you can see ask if the technician might be willing to bundle your services for a better deal.

And of course, spa attendants should be tipped according to the fee for the service performed and how well you feel they performed it. Did you get an aromatherapy towel for your eyes while you endured that pain that you subjected yourself to? The average tip is 15-20%, but if you feel he or she went just a little bit further to make you really happy then, of course, tell them you noticed with a little extra!